Since its establishment in 1976, Nachshon Kitchen Design (formerly Nachshon Food Facilities Consultants) has secured its place at the top of its market as Israel's leading food facilities design and consultancy firm.

Nachshon Kitchen Design is famous for its state-of-the-art design of foodservice systems, especially for its ability to combine cutting-edge planning with a strong focus on the client's targets and needs. Conducting a foodservice project with efficiency and precision needs a meticulous coordination of the team of designers and consultants, each with its own point of view.  Among all experts, the foodservice consultant is the one who really sees the whole picture from the owner's point of view, thus being the vital connecting link between all experts. Nachshon's consultants are dedicated to closely work together with the client in order to enable him to materialize his ideal project.

Nachshon's design team was originally instructed, educated and nurtured under the company's auspices, benefiting from the vast and unique experience of its two founders, Mr. Shmil Mermelshtain and Mr. Yosef Shefts, who laid the foundations to the multidisciplinary approach. The company's traditional demand that each food service consultant at Nachshon will be receiving a comprehensive knowledge concerning the food service system design grants its clients a real advantage over their competitors regarding the economical, strategic and operational aspects.

Being the biggest foodservice designing firm in Israel, Nachshon is working concurrently on around 250 projects, both domestically and overseas.

The Israel Bureau of Standards has registered the company for ISO 9001- 2008 since 1999. The company principals are members of the FCSI – Foodservice Consultants Society International EAME. These high standards of recognition are used by Nachshon during collaboration with the biggest foodservice planning companies in the world.

For the last 30 years, Nachshon Kitchen Design's main technical tool has been the AutoCAD computer-aided design and drafting software, backed by the company's own, proprietary software for kitchen design and a giant database that has been built-up over the years. As of January 2021 we have completly rebuilt our data base for use with the Revit BIM software – to be used with a new, proprietry application that we have developed together with TeamCAD; by the end of this year we expect all of our projects to be done in Revit.

Nachshon Kitchen Design has worked with all segments of the foodservice industry – giant catering kitchens and small restaurants, giant hotels with multi-foodservice outlets and small boutique hotels, government facilities and multi-national hi-tech companies, prisons and army bases, giant hospitals and small care facilities, high-end restaurants and street corner cafes. If you need to feed your clients, guests, inmates or employees – Nachshon Kitchen Design is your starting point!


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